Why Vinyl ?

Two words: efficiency and durability. Heat is transferred through windows in four ways: air leaks, radiation, convection and conduction. It’s not just the type of glass that influences heat transfer but the frames that secure the glass. The construction of Fortress Window’s vinyl frames minimizes the amount of air that can penetrate the frames. And because vinyl is a low-conductivity material, it reduces the amount of heat that can transfer through the frame making Fortress’s windows among the most energy-efficient in the world. That means lower energy costs throughout the year. In addition to saving money, Fortress’s windows will save you time.  Vinyl won’t crack, split, warp, peel or corrode; nor will it show scratches since the color is throughout.  This makes for a durable window that is totally maintenance-free.

Superior to Aluminum in Every Way
Vinyl (Saves You Money) Aluminum (Costs You Money)
Resistant to salt corrosion Susceptible to corrosion in damp, salty conditions
Maintenance free – color is in the material so scratches don’t show and vinyl won’t pit or peel Surface paint can peel, flake, fade & scratch
Non-conducting: resists heat gain or loss Conductive: easily conducts heat & cold
Self-lubricating so moving parts won’t stick Subject to wear that can result in binding & sticking
Weldable, to provide total control over water infiltration Members are fastened together which will lead to water infiltration eventually
With the proper glass, can provide
a MUCH better energy saving rating than the current Energy Star norm
Very few window and door systems in Florida can come close to the Energy Star norm
Will never corrode, peel, flake,fade or scratch Surface paint can peel, flake, fade & scratch" opening up the door to corrosion
Not easy to dent and bend Easy to dent and bend
Very low CO2 emissions from production and recycling Very high CO2 emissions from production and recycling
Uses much less natural resources to manufacture than aluminum. Eco balanced material Uses three times more energy to manufacture (and recycle) than a PVC material